Farze Khidmat!!

Feeling tearing winds

Do not make the streets of thinking too tight.

Spread the scaled claims to the heart

Do not make the wall more high.

Let’s keep an eye out for thorns

Do not make Ahle Chaman play ground rage.

The fresh air brings with the broom and the freshness

Do not make Building-e-Garuriyat so bullish ..

Hafiz Ilm then come and become excavator

Do not make habit of eccentric passion.

Garden gardens, mountainous forest and dandy ponds

Do not make Adi Bast Naama city Kankar’s mound.

Who has found some magical powers

Do not make havells on the foundation of human beings.

Garroor is the Tail of the Takht

Do not make Galshanadam the political market of Fareb ..

The exchequer is the dignitary human digging

Do not make fake Deen-o-Khidamat a nominal profession.

” PKVishvamitra”


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